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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  March 23, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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death. martin was visiting his dad last month in orlando when a neighborhood watch captain shot and killed him. that man, george zimmerman, claims he did it in self- defense and a source close to the investigation tells cbs news, zimmerman's face was bruised and bloody. but his parents insist their son was not violent and just wanted to get away. >> he saw this guy as a stranger. of course he is going to try to run and get away. >> local police let zimmerman go free. state and federal authorities are looking into it and next month a grand jury will decide if zimmerman should be charged. the ncaa will hold a prayer vigil for trayvon. his story captivated people in d.c. and across the nation. ken is live at the big chair down in southeast where the crowd has been growing by the minute. ken. >> this crowd is expected to grow within the next 30 minutes, as you mentioned, that is the beginning of this vigil. we are here on dr. martin
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luther king avenue. the naacp putting this vigil together. we're expected to see various leaders here in the washington, d.c. area as well as black leaders from throughout the country being present at this vigil here tonight. again, scheduled to take place in 30 minutes. earlier today, there was another vigil up on capitol hill also for trayvon martin. let's show you what that looked like earlier today. demonstrators held the event and they called this one hoodies on the hill. that rally, of course, also memorializing the teen brought out large crowds, encouraged to wear hooded sweatshirts just like trayvon was wearing when he was shot. just so you know, this same reaction we are seeing in washington is also being seen in other places throughout the country. tonight, vigils are also scheduled down in sanford, florida, as well as philadelphia and chicago. a lot of support for trayvon and for this entire plight being seen throughout the country. this is scheduled to begin in
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30 minutes. tomorrow, we're expected to see yet another vigil. that one at freedom plaza. the one here tonight should be a big one. we're beginning to be on hand and bring you images later tonight. back to you. >> thank you. >> a badly burned d.c. teenager is now promising his grandma he will stop joyriding in cars. stolen cars, that is. it is too late for two of his young friends. they spotted the four teenagers in a stolen car, pursued them down connecticut avenue and then found the vehicle crash into a tree at chevy chase circle. bruce leshan spoke with a grandmother. >> tears and pain in four homes across d.c. maxine miller says she spoke to the young men before they went out. >> stay out of trouble. that's all i said to them. >> but they did not. montgomery county police say they spotted the four driving in a vehicle stolen this weekend in forest glenn and after a short chase, police say
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the driver crashed the stolen toyota echo and within minutes, it was engulfed in flames. >> one officer broke the glass on a rear passenger door. the flames became more intense. another officer had to pull him away. they are unable to get the rear seat passengers out. >> the two teens when were killed were under court supervision for a nonviolent offense. and ricco richardson's grandmother says he was in the care of d.c. youth rehabilitation services after a previous arrest on car theft charges. she says she spoke to him in the hospital. >> he was crying, you know. he said he is sorry. like i said, come on. this has to stop. >> the 14 and 16-year-old so badly burned that the medical examiner will have to use dental records to positively identify them. but there is a facebook message up from a northwest d.c. mom
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saying words cannot describe the loss of my son, my nephew, in a deadly car crash this morning in chevy chase. please pray for me and for my family. in northeast d.c. bruce leshan, 9news now. >> tonight, prince georges county police are looking for a man accused of sexually assaulting a realtor. it happened wednesday night as the woman was showing a home in the 2300 block of dupont avenue. the woman told the cop she was in the basement when the man grabbed her and started sexually assaulting her. she fought him off, he ran away. police describe the man as just over 6'1" with a slim build and short hair. the u.s. army sergeant suspected of slaughtering 17 unarmed afghan civilians has now been formally charged with their murders. tara has the latest from here in washington, d.c. on what could be a very lengthy legal process. >> army staff sergeant has
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officially been notified now of the charges against him. including premeditated murder. army staff sergeant, robert bails, is charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder for a shooting rampage in afghanistan. the 38-year-old father of two is accused of killing four men, four women, and nine children while they slept and then burning some of their bodies. >> my first reaction to all of this is prove it. >> civilian defense attorney, john henry brown, believes the government will have a tough time winning its case. >> there is no crime scene. there's no csi stuff. there's no dna. there's no fingerprints. >> brown is promising to make his client mental state an issue during trial. bails was involved in nine roadside bombings during four combat tours and suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. >> what he has gone through, which is difficult for me to listen to. >> defense secretary, leon
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said the decorated combat veteran could face the death penalty if convicted. but the u.s. military is not executed a service member since 1961. afghan officials have asked for a role in the criminal proceedings. but it's unclear what that would be. many residents say bails should never been taken out of afghanistan. this man is demanding the death penalty. he says bails should be hanged according to islamic law. it could be months before bails faces his first public hearing. and there has been much speculation about bails mental state. the army is reviewing its mental health programs and screening process. anita, back to you. >> thank you, tara. bails is charged with attempted murder of six additional afghan civilians. derek. anita, some proposed changes to facebook's privacy policy is creating a stir. the company posted a draft of its new policy last week and there are three major changes.
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the privacy policy has a brand- new name. it's called the data use policy and when you or your friends down load an app, your facebook content is shared with that app. the old policy did not include that, but facebook says you have been sharing that information for quite some time. facebook can deny and shut down services for various legal reasons. the company has not said when all these will take effect because it's waiting to hear from users. still to come, rick santorum hoping for a big win this weekend in the next republican primary. but first, he has serious explaning to do. top. >> well, we are looking at another june evening. we'll show you the almanac. 83 at national. 83 also at dulles ties a record high. nowhere near the record high of 93 at national. our averages are 59 and 40. we are going to see a temperature correction over the
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weekend and talk about that and how often you'll need to keep your umbrella handy. >> it could be good news for commuters across our region. virginia lawmakers moved closer to coming up with serious cash for metro.
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a nonprofit that helps the homeless is teaming up with capital bike share to give homeless individuals memberships in the bike sharing program. the group back on my feet d.c. will offer memberships to homeless individuals who participate in the group fitness program and meet other guidelines. we're told some of the first recipients plan to ride those bikes to jobs or job interviews. the latest budget proposal in the virginia general assembly could be beneficial for commuters. included in the version approved by the senate finance committee, another $300 million in state funding for phase two of the dulles metro rail project. that would be in addition to the $150 million virginia committed to the project and that money would help limit
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toll increases for the dulles toll road. the virginia senate is expecked to vote and pass the proposal on monday. former d.c. councilman is repaying the city the $300,000 he is accused of spending on himself, all be it very slowly. the office of the attorney general says thomas made a $20,000 payment earlier this week. that brings his total amount repaid to $70,000. his most recent payment only covers part of the amount that he had due to the city at the end of last year. talk about your good timing. a woman collapses on the street. how she was giving life saving care within seconds. we'll tell you how it happened after the break.
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imagine, you have heart attack and doctors tell you the only reason you're alive is somebody called 911 to get
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help. you have no idea who those people are. that's exactly what happened to a woman in rockville two weeks ago. and as kristin fisher reports, that woman is now on a mission to find the good samaritans who saved her life. >> it only takes me twenty minutes to walk to metro. it's a nice walk. >> every morning, she makes the mile long walk from her home in rockville to the shady grove metro. she's a 51-year-old vegetarian that works at georgetown university hospital and thinks to this walk, she exercises every day. on the morning of march 9, her heart stopped. >> i just look at the lake and it's such a wonderful morning. that's the only thing i can remember. >> that's the last thing she remembers before she had a heart attack. she collapsed right here on this sidewalk and the next thing she knows, she woke up in the hospital, but no idea how she got there or what called 911. >> afterwards, there were two
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nurses at the scene and they gave me cpr because my heart was stopped. otherwise i might be short of oxygen and die. >> she is still recovering. >> it's not as strong as before, but it's okay. >> she believes those two nurses saved her life. she has no idea who they are. all she wants is to thank them for helping a stranger on the side of the road. >> i just feel touched. i wouldn't be here. i really want them to know. even though i don't know who they are, i pray every day. >> in rockville, kristin fisher, 9news now. >> that is one grateful lady. if one of those good samaritans is watching our news, tell them, call the montgomery county fire and rescue. the number is 240-777-2474. anita. tomorrow, voters in louisiana will head to the polls in the next republican presidential primary.
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candidates are fighting for 46 delegates in the bayou state. instead of campaigning on the issues, the pennsylvania senator was doing damage control. yesterday, he suggested that the country would be just as well off reelecting president obama as choosing mitt romney. but today, he said that comment was misconstrued. >> i've said repeatedly and will continue to say, i'll vote for whoever the republican nominee is. barack obama is a disaster. but we can't have someone that agrees with him on some of the biggest issues of the day and that's the problem with governor romney. >> okay, well the latest poll shows santorum's comments haven't hurt him with voters in louisiana. he leads romney and newt gingrich by 24. once the louisiana primary is all done, the focus shifts north. the next set of contests are on april 3 when maryland, d.c., and wisconsin will be holding their primary. and next week, some of the gop
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hopefuls will be campaigning in our neighborhood. the latest edition could be santorum. his campaign tells us he'll hold an event in maryland or wisconsin on tuesday. newt gingrich is visiting the free state that same day and ron paul will be in college park on wednesday. voters in maryland and d.c. don't have to wait until april 3. tomorrow, early voting for the primaries begins full throttle in both jurisdictions. d.c. will have eight voting centers. open through march 31. and maryland will have 46 early voting centers throughout the state and they'll be open until march 29. in addition to picking prty nominees for president, voters can cast their ballots for the u.s. senate, congress, council seat, and the board of education. and if you go to our website, look under campaign 2012. we have all the location. plus, sample ballot information. >> even bat man is subject to traffic laws in the state of
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maryland. montgomery county police pulled over wednesday on route 29 in silver spring. the reason for bat man's bust, no tags on his bat mobile. officers verified the man did in fact own the car and let him off with a warning so he could do good. that's what he was trying to do. the maryland bat man was on the way to visit sick children in the hospital. >> i saw this guy. he was in the mobile station on 29 standing around in his bat man costume and i almost stopped to get a picture. >> was he in a bat mobile? >> it's like a lamborghini. it's a nice car. batman wishes he had that car. evidently, batman is doing okay. >> 83 today. close to a record. we tied it at dulles, but it doesn't quite count. hear the deal. over the weekend, a very slow moving frontal system. unsettled saturday and sunday.
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sunday will be better. let's start with a live look outside. black dot is the sun. you're looking due west from broadcast house. temperatures, it is still in the upper 70s. crazy. winds easterly at 7. pressure steady and the dew point in the upper 50s, which means it will be a mild night. radar, we'll take you out to kentucky and ohio. some big time thunderstorms. notice the direction. they are moving due north. very little easterly movement to this system. it has taken for ever to move. we talked about how in springtime, storms get cut off and can't move east or west. they sit and spin and drift. that's good for us tonight. not going to get in here until tomorrow morning. we have showers out in west virginia and headed toward garrett county. in the metro area, it will be dry until midnight. temperatures 81 arlington. 80 in bethesda. 77 in gaithersburg. 82 in manassas. 77 at andrews and 81 in college park. here's what we're looking at.
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an unsettled weekend. showers or a thunderstorm. looks like a wet saturday morning. soccer games or trying to get a golf game in, it's going to be tough. not going to rain continuously all day tomorrow and some of the storms could be heavy, some could be severe. by 6:30 tomorrow morning, you see all the heavy showers and thunderstorms out to the west. right along i-81 and advance this. we get to 9:30, we advance it again. wow, if you are trying to see the cherry blossoms, don't do it. oranges and reds which means heavy rain. we get a break and then another batch of showers and storms possible as we get into tomorrow night. partly to mostly cloudy and warm. lows 55 to about 62. all right, next seven days. more storms on sunday. temperatures again around 70. gorgeous on monday, mid 60s. chilly on tuesday. upper 50s. and back in the 60s on wednesday, thursday, and friday, and a shower or storm on wednesday. >> did anybody take note of the fact that i'm winning the
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bracket challenge? did anybody notice this? >> how is this? >> my social life, man. in shambles. >> sweet 16 action coming your way in mere moments. we'll tell you who is playing right here on wusa. if basketball ain't your thing, stop by verison center tonight. caps desperately seeking playoffs and wizards gm staying or going? depends on who you ask. we'll explain next in sports.
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and now, 9sports with dave owen. the best sports in town. >> think the mess the wizards are in. one man is responsible, first name ernie, last name grunfeld. his contract is up next year. he would be retained next season, the new york post, they think so. they reported he was offered an extension, but turned it down. michael lee who covers the team for the washington post said nope, not true. he wasn't offered an extension. now that would make more sense
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and here's why. check out the resume. his overall record, 275 and 427. that's an average of 30 wins per year. they made it to playoffs four times in those nine seasons, but advance to the second round once. the last four years have been tough. an average of 19 wins. mike morris is ailing, but the pitching isn't. as unsure as the nats are about the health of their slugger, they are very sure about the pitching. stephen strasburg will hurl first on opening day. jordan zimmerman not far behind. andy got the start on the hill. not being treated very kindly by chris johnson. you were talking about bat man, that's batman. zimmerman gave up four runs. astros had a no hitter until jason worth broke it up. nats will play the orioles tomorrow. orioles beat the red sox 6-5 today. maryland women got a big game
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sunday. the lady terps facing defending national champs sunday in raleigh. the terps are actually higher seated, but if you listen to them, there aren't many believers except them. >> a lot of people are -- don't have faith in us. i honestly believe that and i believe we are going to be ready to play. like you said, i think the pressure is on them. >> i feel we are battle tested. every season it's a new team. our schedule and conference has prepared us for this moment. >> all right, still doing our game of the week. 8,000 of you voted this week. got some soccer coming up tonight. we'll have highlights at 11:00. sweet 16 basketball. indiana, kentucky is the late game. good stuff. >> it will be like 12:00. >> or 1:00. >> see you tonight.
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